Vision, business concept and business model

Corem’s vision is achieved through sustainable management with the tenant in focus, where values are created through continuous refinement.

Vision, business concept and business model

Corem’s business model aims to create Profitability and good value growth in a long-term and sustainable way. The way to get there consists of sustainable management with the tenant in focus and that value is created through both strategic real estate investments and the refinement of existing properties. The business is run with its own staff to ensure high quality and profitability.


Properties for the future.

The vision is based on the customers’ development, where their premises are a success factor.

Business concept

Corem creates businesses and develops premises and urban environments in a sustainable and customer-friendly way.

The business concept is based on Corem creating value for customers through sustainable, inspiring and efficient places to develop businesses and people.

A business model for long-term value growth and profitability

The basis for Corem’s operations is long-term. All parts of the business work to create value not only for today but over a long period of time. The business must be long-term sustainable from a social, ecological and economic perspective. The business model is based on a continuous process where long-term and customer-oriented management forms the basis. Continuous improvement of the portfolio together with real estate and urban development as well as strategic real estate transactions contribute with additional potential for both growth and value development.

Management with locally based, own staff, where the customer is in focus, is the foundation. Locally based management provides good market contact and proactivity in the management work. Through geographically consolidated administrative units, economies of scale are achieved in the administration at the same time as the possibility of meeting customers’ needs increases.

Project and property development is an increasingly important part of Corem’s operations as it makes it possible to meet customers’ changing premises needs and further develop the property portfolio.