Örebro Entré


Corem is creating a new landmark in Örebro.

Corem’s city development in Örebro

The project is located at the northern entrance to central Örebro with excellent access for visitors coming by train and by car. It is part of the Municipality’s investment, Pulsådern Örebro. Corem aims to continue the development that has already started in the area and to create a landmark for the region at an extremely sought after location.

Örebro Entré

The building has been designed by Archus Arkitektur.

Örebro Entré

Örebro is Sweden’s seventh largest municipality with just over 150,000 inhabitants and a rate of growth of about 3,000 people a year. The business sector extends from traditional heavy industry to hi-tech research and the provision of highly-qualified services. Örebro has one of Sweden’s most expansive universities and a university hospital. The geographical location and its good communications contribute to making Örebro one of Sweden’s most important freight and logistics hubs. The E18 and E20 highways meet here and link the city with Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo and Sweden’s fourth largest freight airport is located in Örebro.

The first phase of Örebro Entré will be a 14 story building with offices, a hotel, restaurant, gym and attractive outdoor environments, encompassing around 8,600 sq.m. The second phase consists of a planned refurbishment of a former postal sorting depot. In all, the project is estimated to consist of around 17,000 sq.m.

Örebro Entré


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