Corem’s local presence is of crucial importance for the relationship with the customer. A decentralized organization and committed staff who take good care of their customers and strive for mutual benefit in their relations is one of our success factors.

The company is organized with a head office in Stockholm  and business units in a large number of cities.

Coremis represented by its own staff in Sweden and Denmark. Having own staff, who are physically present where the tenant is located, guarantees swift service and good knowledge of the market, as well as being an essential foundation of the business concept as a whole.

Corem shall be an attractive employer with competent and committed staff. The key words closeness and commitment permeate the flat organization with short decision- making paths. A large measure of independent work and decision making in all positions leads to commitment and is a driving force. Our staff are always close to the customer, both at the business unit where the tenant is the customer and at the head office where the business units, investors and media, among others, are counterparties.