New York

Corem is developing properties in Manhattan.

New York, 1245 Broadway

1245 Broadway is Corem’s largest ongoing project and is located along Broadway at the height of 31st Street. The project is carried out in collaboration with the locally based property developer GDSNY. The construction refers to a 22-storey office building with high windows from floor to ceiling with a lettable area of ​​approximately 17,600 sqm. The use of natural light, modern interiors and minimalist forms create a clear sense of Nordic design. The building is environmentally certified according to LEED Gold. The building is completed on the outside, but tenant adaptations are ongoing. The rental work is ongoing and so far, 7 rental agreements spread over a total of 11 floors have been rented out, the first occupancy took place during the second quarter of 2022.

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New York, 28&7

28&7 is Corem’s second largest ongoing project and refers to a 12-story office building at 322–326 7th Avenue, which is located at 28th Street in Manhattan. The project is located near Penn Station and major tenants in the area include, for example, both Facebook and Amazon. The total lettable area will amount to about 9,000 sqm and the building is classified according to the environmental certification LEED Gold. The building is completed on the outside, but tenant adaptations are ongoing internally. The rental work is ongoing and so far, 3 rental agreements spread over a total of 4 floors have been rented out,

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New York, 118 10th avenue

The Park View project is located in the Meatpacking area of ​​Manhattan. The project is located between 17th Street and 18th Street, near The High Line. In the area, a large number of tech companies such as Google, Apple and Samsung are represented and rental levels are among the higher in Manhattan. Here, Corem, together with GDSNY, is designing for a 10-storey LEED Gold-certified office building of just over 13,000 sqm. The facade will give a special character to the building with the help of arched glass sections facing The High Line.


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Other urban development projects


Kista, Stockholm

Our vision is an urban city neighbourhood with a global reach.

The City of Stockholm has identified Kista as a focus area for development. We have also done this at Corem.

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Uppsala Business Park, Uppsala

Home of Life-Changing Solutions

This creates a vibrant district and an innovation environment that attracts companies, researchers and talent from all over the world.

A place and a context where the opportunity is given to contribute to each other’s success.

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Söderstaden, Stockholm

Our vision is a city neighbourhood with a vibrant atmosphere.

The Slakthus area is being developed together with the events area into an internationally attractive destination.

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We are refining the existing portfolio in combination with new production.

Our urban development in Västerås includes the areas City, Mälarporten, Kopparlunden and Öster Mälarstrand.

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Örebro Entré


We are creating a new landmark adjacent to Örebro’s travel interchange.

Örebro Entré is part of the municipality’s Pulsådern Örebro investment and will offer offices, a hotel, a restaurant and gym, among other facilities.

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