We are creating housing and offices of the future with views over Lake Mälaren, the travel center and Västerås City.

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Corem’s urban development in Västerås

Västerås is Sweden’s sixth largest city with a population of around 150,000; the city is located in beautiful surroundings on the north bank of Lake Mälaren and has a positive net migration of around 1,500 people a year.

Europe’s industrial history has deep roots in Västerås, Asea and Svenska Metallverken were started here around 1900. Both companies were involved in the electrification of Sweden. ICA (1938) and H&M (1947) were founded in Västerås and Sweden’s first pizza was served here (1947) to one of the city’s many Italian guest workers. It is worth mentioning that the world’s first artificially frozen bandy pitch was inaugurated at Rocklunda IP in Västerås in the 1950s.

Västerås has a strong power of attraction and every day thousands of people commute to Stockholm or other destinations by train, bus, car, boat, cycle or walking.

Corem is the second largest real estate owners in Västerås.

Our city development in Västerås involves refinement of existing buildings in combination with new production in the central parts of Västerås; City and Mälarporten close to the station.


Mälarporten is the place that links the City and Lake Mälaren and which makes everyday life easier for thousands of commuters by offering easier access in the area. It is planned to develop blocks with varying functions here, including housing, offices, a pre-school, the station building and garage and service functions, We are working for the adoption of a lcoal plan during 2020.

Read more about Mälarporten on the Municipality of Västerås’s website

Västerås City

Corem’s centre of gravity for development projects in central Västerås consists of three blocks including housing, premises, retail outlets and service facilities. Corem is currently developing exciting new concepts to meet demand from the inhabitants of Västerås.


The Kopparlunden development area involves a number of real estate owners in Västerås. Part of Corem’s property Verkstaden 11 is included in the project and it is planned to develop an attractive and vibrant block in the southern part of Kopparlunden. The refinement is taking place with respect for the existing cultural environment where valuable buildings are to be preseved and given prominence.

Kopparlunden’s central location and good infrastructure provide good prerequisites to build new housing and activities. It is also planned to build pre-schools, a new foot and cycle bridge and an attractive green park.

Consultation on the proposed plan took place during September and October 2019.

The remaining part of Corem’s property Verkstaden 11, located in the eastern part of Kopparlunden, can be developed in the future in a similar way to the part now initiated.

Read more about Mälarporten on the Municipality of Västerås’s website



Kopparlunden started to be built back in 1898.

The Municipality of Västerås describes the future Kopparlunden as an attractive city neighbourhood in centrala Västerås.

Läs mer på Västerås kommuns hemsida

Öster Mälarstrand

Öster Mälarstrand is a city neighbourhood close to Lake Mälaren, located to the east of central Västerås. Corem and the Municipality of Västerås have started planning work with a citizen dialogue and documentation is now being adjusted in accordance with points of view of those living in the vicinity, the majority group and the traffic report.

Preliminary date for consultation is the autumn of 2020.


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