Our vision is a city neighbourhood with a vibrant atmosphere.

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Corem’s urban development in Söderstaden

A bridge away from Södermalm, Stockholm’s Southern heart emerges. Here, a dynamic, pulsating and vibrant mixed city is being created. The urban development of the Gullmarsplan hub, northern Europe’s largest event area in The Globen area and the small-scale Slakthus area, together constitute the barrier-breaking link between Södermalm, Hammarby Sjöstad and Årsta / Liljeholmen.

Söderstaden’s vision is to by 2035 have developed a mixed city with a city pulse that offers companies, residents and visitors a dynamic mix of world-class experiences as well as recreation and proximity to nature. Here, a strong workplace hub grows side by side with housing, culture, events and the trade of the future.


Arenagången is being developed into an attractive space for meetings and activities.


At The Slakthus area’s new metro entrances, Corem is working with the development of retail environments, homes and workplaces. As part of the development of Söderstaden, Corem collaborates with The Slakthus area’s other property owners and the city of Stockholm. Based on The Slakthus area’s unique history and care for its cultural heritage, The Slakthus area is being developed into a dynamic, flexible and vibrant mixed city with a spearhead in gastronomy and culture. There will be a rich selection of housing, workplaces and culture along with parks and squares that invite to a bustling life.

The small scale of the Slakthus area with its strong industrial heritage makes an exciting contrast to the adjacent large-scale events area with the city’s four arenas, Corem’s shopping hub and strong workplace clusters as well as the future construction of housing and workplaces at the Söderstadion/Hovet site.

Corem’s development is based on the vision of Söderstaden as an integrated, vibrant, accessible internationally attractive city neighbourhood. In accordance with this, we are making the events area into an attractive place to be with urban qualities and a large number of workplaces. In Globen Shopping, Corem is creating the meeting places and retail space of the future, which entails a conversion from an introverted gallery to an extroverted city street linking together the events area and the Slakthus area.


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A place and a context where the opportunity is given to contribute to each other’s success.

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We are refining the existing portfolio in combination with new production.

Our urban development in Västerås includes the areas City, Mälarporten, Kopparlunden and Öster Mälarstrand.

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Örebro Entré


We are creating a new landmark adjacent to Örebro’s travel interchange.

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