Executive Management

Corems’s management includes four executives with different responsibilities.

Eva Landén




 MSc in Economics

Work experience:
 Eva has previously been CFO and Vice President at Corem, CFO at Bonnier Cityfastigheter and before that authorized public accountant at PwC. Eva is a board member of Klövern AB and chairman of the board of Specialfastigheter Sverige AB.

Ownership as of December 31, 2021:
Ordinary share A: 6,120, ordinary share B: 56,570, ordinary share D: 279.

Anna-Karin Hag



Born: 1973

Education: Master of Economics

Work experience: Anna-Karin has 20 years of experience from the real estate industry and has previously been CFO at Humlegården Fastigheter AB and John Mattson Fastighets AB. Prior to that, worked at AP Fastigheter / Vasakronan and at PwC Corporate Finance Real Estate.

Ownership as of December 31, 2021:
Ordinary share A: 1 300, ordinary share B: 3 100, ordinary share D 56.

Anna Lidhagen Ohlsén

Property manager


Born: 1973

Education: Master of Science in Engineering / Real Estate Economist

Work experience: Anna has previously been Market Area Manager Östra City at Hufvudstaden and Head of Administration for the Stockholm Region at Corem.

Ownership as of December 31, 2021:
Ordinary share B: 15,514.

Peeter Kinnunen

Transaction Manager


Born: 1973.

Education: Master of Science in Engineering.

Work experience: Peeter has previously been Transaction Manager and Acting CEO Klövern, and before that COO at Vanir Asset Management 2010–2012, Head Transaction & amp; Analysis Kungsleden AB (publ) 2007–2010.

Ownership as of December 31, 2021: Ordinary share A: 6 279, ordinary share B: 221 594, ordinary share D: 2 727.