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Corem’s urban development in Kista

The city of Stockholm has identified Kista as a focus area for development. We have also done the same at Corem. Kista is facing an extensive urban development project with a clear goal – To become a living district with a well-thought-out mix of workplaces, housing, restaurants and proximity to nature.

The plan is long-term and extends until 2036, but the change has already gained momentum.

Illustration produced by Gehl

Illustration produced by Gehl


Illustration produced by Wester + Elsner Arkitekter

The change is in full swing…

Kista is becoming a lively mixed town. A place where people live, work and enjoy the pulse of the city as well as green areas. The shovel is already in the ground and the first new homes are taking shape. The cross-rail line through Kista is in full production and several new detailed plans for the area have gained legal force. Kista’s urban development is the third largest in Stockholm and in the coming years you will clearly feel that a lively and safe mixed city is emerging.

Kista already has many strengths today. It is one of the world’s leading clusters for technology and telecom companies and one of Sweden’s most innovative locations. Here there is proximity to popular green areas, an established and well-visited mall and a unique communication location. But Kista needs an update!

In order to participate and contribute to a change in the district, we have together with several other commercial real estate companies in Kista created a joint limited company. Behind this company Corem stands together with Castellum, Vasakronan, Revelop and Akademiska Hus. Our common goal is to create the conditions for a change in Kista.


… and the vision is clear.

The company has, in close dialogue with the City of Stockholm, Region Stockholm, KTH, Stockholm University, Ericsson, Kista Science City and others, developed an action plan for the joint vision for Kista. The vision extends until 2036 and involves an addition of:

  • approx. 8,000 new homes
  • 8,000 new jobs
  • a richer range of life in the ground floors of the properties…
  • … as well as an upgraded infrastructure

In the foreseeable future, Kista will be a completely different place than it is today. A city that lives around the clock and that people and companies even outside Sweden’s borders glance at.

Corem is part of The Kloud

The Kloud is a place brand created by us property owners in Kista. The aim is to have a common platform through which we can share with the outside world about the change that are taking place in the district. Via The Kloud’s channels, we communicate how Kista is now undergoing a transformation step by step. Both big and small.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with the latest news in Kista, we recommend you follow The Kloud on social media. To take part in longer reports and articles, you are also welcome to visit The Kloud’s own website.

Read more about The Kloud here


We at Corem and the other players in The Kloud collaboration are determined to build on Kista's strengths and take on the challenges that exist.

Ulrika Haglert

Business Unit Manager Stockholm North


Would you like to know more?

Please contact Marcus Wester for more information about Corem’s urban development in Kista.

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