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Corem’s urban development in Uppsala

The Uppsala Business Park of the future will go down in history as the location for innovation in Life Science. Uppsala Business Park is a strong brand associated with world-leading companies, global groups with advanced research and products. Going forward, Uppsala Business Park shall further development the successful culture of co-operation, innovation, belief in the future and research while also including more sectors and types of business that together will make a contribution to solving the vital issues of the future.

The transformation of Uppsala Business Park is a collaboration by the property owners in the area Corem, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Fresenius Kabi & Johnson, the Municipality of Uppsala and Stuns Life Science. The local planning process will commence at the year-end 2020/2021 but a start can be made already now on the parts covered by the current local plan.

The work on the transformation of Uppsala Business Park was initiated in 2017 when the area was to a great extent fully let thanks to the high demand for offices and laboratory environments for research and development. Corem then started to examine the prospects for expansion offered by undeveloped land in the company’s portfolio.

The future for Uppsala Business Park will offer scope for 15,000 workspaces, 1,500 students, 500 residents and around 3 milion annual visitors.

Header picture: CF Moller

Mandaworks won the parallel assignment for the development plan for the physical environment. Picture by Mandaworks.

In the early 1960s, Pharmacia acquired 800,000 sq.m. of agricultural land at Fyrislund.
The area has grown up based on the pharmaceutical industry’s requirements for quality, performance and security. Quality is expressed in the architectonic design of both buildings the surroundings and the construction and technical details.

In 1971, the Kasper Salin prize was awarded to Pharmacia’s facility at Fyrislund with the motivation The facility is an example of buildings where the requirements for technical rationality and a good working environment have been combined in a strong artistic design.

In the early 2000s, parts of Pharmacia’s operations moved abroad and during 2006 the parts that were vacated were acquired by Corem and the brand name Uppsala Business Park was established.

Already today Uppsala Business Park offers unique premises with laboratories, clean rooms, pilot facilities for pharmaceutical production, offices, data centres and climate rooms for letting.

For any enquiries about vacancies get in touch with Catarina Selin, catarina.selin@uppsalabusinesspark.se,  010-482 79 23

Picture by Mandaworks.


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