Project Development

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Project Development

As an active city and project developer, Corem works to strengthen and develop attractive properties, environments and places. By being a responsive, long-term and committed partner, we create properties for the future that strengthen the values of places, have improved cash flows and generate new business opportunities. Long-term values are created through strategic real estate investments and improvement of properties. Through long-term sustainable investments, we create urban environments that contribute to positive social development and increase the value of properties.

The investments often take place in connection with lettings for new establishments and with the aim of adapting and modernizing premises and thereby improving cash flow. Project operations contribute to greater flexibility to meet tenants’ changing local needs as well as develop and create added value within the property portfolio.

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Project spotlight

Uppsala Business Park, Uppsala

Home of Life-Changing Solutions.

This creates a vibrant district and an innovation environment that attracts companies, researchers and talent from all over the world.

A place and a context where the opportunity is given to contribute to each other’s success.

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Kista, Stockholm

Our vision is an urban city neighbourhood with a global reach.

The City of Stockholm has identified Kista as a focus area for development. We have also done this at Corem.

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We are refining the existing portfolio in combination with new production.

Our urban development in Västerås includes the areas City, Mälarporten, Kopparlunden and Öster Mälarstrand.

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New York 28 & 7

New York

Corem is developing properties in Manhattan.

All projects are taking place in collaboration with the real estate developer GDSNY aiming for environmental certification of the buildings.

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