Business model and strategies

Business model

Corem’s business model aims to create increasing, sustainable value over time while maintaining profitability. The route to achieving this involves proactive management, continuous investment and strategic acquisitions. Sustainability is integrated into every aspect of our business model.


Corem aims to create long-term growth and increased value by acquiring, man­aging, refining and building properties in logistics areas in a sustainable way.


We create space to develop your business.

A model for strong performance in the long term

Corem’s overall goal is to be leading within the segment of city logistics properties in selected geographical regions and to gener­ate a good return on equity for its shareholders.

The business model is based on a continuous process of strategic property acquisitions for continued growth (1.), cus­tomer-oriented management (2) and value-adding property devel­opment (3). The company has been managing its own warehousing and logistics properties since it was established in 2007 and has exten­sive expertise and experience within this segment of the property market.

All company activity is directed at creating long-term, sustaina­ble shareholder value. To help achieve the company’s goal, five tar­get areas have been identified, which are measured and monitored on an annual basis:

  • Improvement, growth and development
  • Proactive, customer-focused management
  • An attractive employer with good business ethics
  • Environmental consideration and resource efficiency
  • Long-term, stable finances

Sustainability at every stage

Corem’s business model is characterised by a long-term approach. All aspects of the business aim to create value not just for today, but in the long term. The properties are intended to be used for many years, to be adaptable and able to meet needs that change over time.

The economically sustainable business model is combined with good business ethics, social responsibility and environmental con­sideration. The business must be sustainable in the long term from a social, ecological and economic perspective.

Sustainability is a vital part of the company’s overarching strategy, and sustainability goals are measured and monitored in the same way as other business and operational goals. This means sustainability efforts are a natural part of our business and are seen as hygiene factors – a natural part of the way we do business.

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