The mandatory redemption of the remaining shares in Tobin Properties completed


On 5 June 2019, Klövern AB (today a subsidiary of Corem Property Group AB), through its indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary Dagon Sverige AB (“Dagon”), called for redemption of all remaining shares in Tobin Properties AB (“Tobin”). An administrator was appointed to monitor the rights of minority shareholders in connection with the redemption process. Subsequently, an arbitration tribunal was appointed. The redemption process of the remaining shares in Tobin has now been completed and the arbitration award was passed on 8 December 2021. The arbitration award has become legally binding.

The board of directors of Dagon has, in accordance with the arbitration award, resolved to transfer all the minority shareholders’ shares in Tobin to Dagon, and as determined by the arbitral tribunal to pay the redemption amount, including interest, of SEK 10.10 per share. The total number of shares concerned amounts to 7,627,547 whereby a total redemption amount of approximately SEK 77 million will be paid.

The transfer of the minority shareholders’ shares and the payment to the minority shareholders will occur on 17 March 2022 through Euroclear Sweden AB.

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