Corem signs 10-year lease with OHB Sweden of 4,778 sq.m. in Kista


Corem has signed a 10-year lease agreement with the space company OHB Sweden regarding a 4,778 square meter head office in the property Helgafjäll 1 in Kista, Stockholm. The premises are intended to house offices and clean rooms for the development and manufacture of satellites and propulsion systems. Access is planned for January 2025.

“We look forward to expanding our business in Kista. It is a prerequisite for managing our new projects and preparing industrialisation for future satellite constellations. The property will be adapted to meet our requirements for clean rooms and will continue to form the hub of our development and manufacturing operations,” said Benoit Mathieu, CEO of OHB Sweden.
“OHB Sweden’s expansion contributes positively to strengthening Kista and the development that takes place here. Kista is one of Sweden’s most innovative places and we are proud to be able to further the development by growing together with OHB”, says Anna Lidhagen-Ohlsén, property manager at Corem.

About Kista, Stockholm North
Kista is located in northern Stockholm. With its unique communication location with proximity to Stockholm city, Arlanda airport and direct access to E4 and E18 highways, good conditions are established for both local and international connections. Kista is one of the world’s leading clusters for technology companies. Here, the large established companies reside side by side with newly hatched companies, which makes Kista one of Sweden’s most innovative places

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