Corem divests property portfolio


Today, Corem Property Group AB (publ) signed an agreement to divest a portfolio of 47 properties from a subsidiary to an entity owned by funds advised by an affiliate of The Blackstone Group International Partners LLP.

The portfolio consists of properties situated in Gothenburg, Jönköping, Malmö, Stockholm and Västerås. The total lettable area amounts to around 357 tsq.m. which are mainly premises for warehouse and logistics. The economic occupancy rate is 94 per cent.

The underlying property value is around 5,350 SEKm, which is in line with the book value. For Corem, the estimated result effect of the transaction amounts to around -360 SEKm, after deduction for deferred tax, transaction costs and agreed price deductions as well as reversal of previously reported deferred tax. For the fourth quarter, an unrealized change in value will be reported. Transfer of possession will be made in two stages, the first in the middle of February 2023 regarding seven properties and the second in the middle of April 2023 regarding 40 properties. The agreement is conditional on the approval from the Swedish Competition Authority.

The transaction frees up capital for strengthening Corem’s long term financial capacity, as well as for prioritized investments. Properties included in the divestment are:

Stockholm, Anoden 2 and 5

Göteborg, Backa 22:17

Göteborg, Backa 25:6

Göteborg, Backa 30:4

Härryda, Bråta 2:136

Härryda, Bråta 2:150

Malmö, Brämön 4

Stockholm, Fabrikören 6

Jönköping, Flahult 21:14

Härryda, Håltsås 1:17

Härryda, Härryda Solsten 1:117

Göteborg, Högsbo 16:16

Göteborg, Högsbo 38:3

Haninge, Jordbromalm 5:2 and 5:3

Haninge, Jordbromalm 6:18

Haninge, Jordbromalm 6:89

Järfälla, Kallhäll 9:36

Göteborg, Kobbegården 155:2

Botkyrka, Koborg 2

Malmö, Kullen 5

Göteborg, Kärra 91:1

Malmö, Måseskär 5

Sigtuna, Märsta 15:7

Malmö, Sadelgjorden 1

Botkyrka, Skyttbrink 36

Järfälla, Skälby 3:1321

Järfälla, Skälby 3:1418

Järfälla, Skälby 3:1431

Järfälla, Skälby 3:1446

Järfälla, Skälby 3:1452

Järfälla, Skälby 3:674

Järfälla, Skälby 3:676

Malmö, Stiglädret 11

Malmö, Stridsyxan 4

Malmö, Stridsyxan 5

Malmö, Stångbettet 15

Västerås, Turbinen 1

Järfälla, Veddesta 2:31

Järfälla, Veddesta 2:63

Järfälla, Veddesta 2:79

Järfälla, Veddesta 2:90

Upplands-Bro, Viby 19:32

Upplands-Bro, Viby 19:53

Upplands-Bro, Viby 19:54

Huddinge, Ångmaskinen 5


Corem’s legal advisors have been Walthon Advokater.

CBRE, Citigroup Global Markets Limited, Nordea and PwC served as exclusive advisors to Blackstone. Roschier and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP served as legal counsel to Blackstone.

Corem Property Group AB (publ)


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