The Stock

Corem Property Group is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap with three classes of shares; ordinary shares of Class A, ordinary shares of Class B, ordinary shares of Class D and preference shares.

Since the start in 2007, we have provided our owners with a steady return on invested capital. Our dividend policy is to distribute at least 35 percent of the company’s management profit in the long term, with a supplement for dividends from associated companies and with a deduction for preference shares’ right to a dividend of SEK 20.00 per year. Ordinary shares of Class D have the right to dividend of 50 times the dividend of ordinary shares Class A and B, however, a maximum of SEK 20.00 per share and year.

Ordinary shares of Class A entitle holders to one vote, while ordinary shares of Class B and preference shares entitle holders to one tenth of a vote.

There is a conversion reservation, which means that shareholders can request the conversion of ordinary shares of series A to series B. Such a request can be made during February and August each year.