Dividend and dividend policy

Our dividend policy is to distribute at least 35 percent of the company’s management profit in the long term, with a supplement for dividends from associated companies and with a deduction for preference shares’ right to a dividend of SEK 20.00 per year. Since the IPO, the dividend in SEK per share has never been reduced.

Dividend 2021

At the Annual General Meeting on April 29, 2021, a dividend of SEK 0.65 (0.60) per ordinary share of Class A and Class B, respectively, was decided. The record date was 3 May 2021 with an estimated payment date on 6 May 2021. In addition, it was decided that preference shareholders receive SEK 20.00 per year, which is paid at SEK 5.00 per quarter. Record dates for dividend for preference shares are the last banking day in each calendar quarter with an estimated payment three banking days thereafter.