Corem Property Group AB (publ) calls for voluntary early redemption of bond loan 2021/2023 of SEK 900 million


Corem Property Group AB (publ) (“Corem”) issued on 27 May 2021 senior unsecured floating rate bonds in the total amount of 2,000,000,000 (of which SEK 900,000,000 has been issued and SEK 796,250,000 is outstanding) with ISIN SE0015962154 (the ”Bonds”).

Corem hereby irrevocably gives notice of call for Voluntary Total Redemption of all outstanding Bonds.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the Bonds, Corem is today notifying the bondholders that Corem calls for voluntary early redemption of all outstanding Bonds. Each Bond will be redeemed in an amount equal to 100,00 percent of the nominal amount together with accrued and unpaid interest from, but excluding the previous interest payment date (27 August 2023) until, and including, the redemption date (4 October 2023). 

Payment will be made to bondholders who on 27 September 2023 is registered in the debt register as a “Bondholder” in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Bonds. The redemption date is determined to 4 October 2023. The last day of trading of the Bonds is scheduled for 25 September 2023.

This notice for voluntary early redemption is irrevocable.

Corem Property Group AB (publ)

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