Good business partner

By conducting the business in a responsible manner and with good business ethics, Corem wants to be a good business partner to our partners and have a positive impact on the society around us.

That business is done on commercial grounds and with active work against corruption is an obvious basis, as is transparency and openness in both business relations and the provision of information. But being a good business partner means more than that. Our work in the area therefore includes both how we act ourselves, how we collaborate with our stakeholders and how we take responsibility for the services we purchase.

Daily dialogue and annual customer survey

Close customer collaboration and good insight into market development is necessary to understand our customers’ needs. That understanding together with our broad experience means that Corem can provide the premises that the tenant needs to run his business in the best way.

To see how we succeed, we conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys. They complement the daily dialogue and provide a more comprehensive picture of expectations, needs and well-being.

Sustainable suppliers and contractors

Corem annually purchases a number of goods and services that support and complement its own operations. Our skilled suppliers are an important part of being able to deliver premises and services of good quality.

Local suppliers are often hired. It supports the local business community and at the same time provides benefits in the operational, daily work.

Corem’s Code of Conduct summarizes how operations within Corem should be conducted, with regard to business ethics, transparency, environmental considerations and working conditions. It serves as a complement to agreements with suppliers and contractors. It provides a secure and uniform basis in collaborations with external partners and an opportunity to influence in a positive and sustainable direction.

The Code of Conduct in brief

Corem’s Code of Conduct is established by the board and summarizes how our operations are to be conducted. Employees, as well as partners who work within or meet customers on behalf of Corem, are always expected to follow our code of conduct.

Corem’s Code of Conduct focuses on the long term and covers the areas:

  • Good business ethics
  • Credibility and trust
  • Safe and equal workplace
  • Environmental considerations throughout the business
  • Open, reliable and clear information

The Code of Conduct is available in Swedish here.

Contribution to society

Young people in working life

Every year, Corem offers a number of students the opportunity for an internship to give young people an insight into both the company and the industry. Corem has an internship collaboration with Newton, which conducts diploma programs in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Stockholms Stadsmission

Every day, Stockholms Stadsmission makes a difference for people who live in vulnerability in the city. Since 2009, Corem has been a friend of Stockholms Stadsmission. Together we make Stockholm a more humane society for all. With our sponsorship, we want to support the important work they do and show responsibility and community involvement.

A life in motion for young people

Corem sponsors the Swedish Handball Association as a proud part of Framtidslandslaget (the Future National Team) and is also the main sponsor of Båstadtennis Corem Open, the world’s largest junior tennis competition outdoors.