Environmental consideration and resource efficiency

Buildings affect the environment throughout its life cycle. Corem’s environmental work therefore encompasses both how the properties are managed, new builds being as environmentally friendly and resource efficient as possible, and extending the lifespan of existing buildings by adapting them to changing market needs and innovative solutions.

Reduced emissions and increased energy efficiency

The overall goal of Corem’s environmental efforts is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions generated by its operations. Corem therefore uses environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources while continuously making investments aimed at increasing energy efficiency. We also strive to continuously identify energy saving measures, within our own property management as well as in collaboration with tenants. Investments and continued optimisation has has led to a 38 per cent decrease in use of energy, measured in kWh per sqm.

Sound materials

In all new construction and refurbishments we include clear requirements on building materials being in accordance with BASTA or Byggvarubedömningen, to ensure that materials with the least impact on the environment are used and the presence of environmentally harmful substances is minimized.

Environmental certification of properties

Corem is a member of the Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC), an organization that works to stimulate environmental work in the industry, including through environmental certification of buildings. Corem currently has buildings certified according to Green Building and ongoing certification according to Miljöbyggnad and BREEAM In Use.