A sustainable approach

Since Corem was founded, a long-term approach has been an integral part of the business and way of working. Every part of the business aims to create value not just today but over the long term. This means combining an economically sustainable business with high standards of business ethics, a strong sense of resposibility, a safe and fair work environment and with care of the environment. We are sustainable and apply long-term thinking from a social, ecological and economic perspective.

Our sustainability efforts also help to future-proof the business, by reducing operational risk and as well as ensuring Corem is a good business partner and a trusted employer. The close dialogue with stakeholders also helps to strengthen competitiveness, as it gives greater insight into the challenges we and our surroundings may face, allowing us a better opportunity to adjust. Good profitability and financial strength enable us to continue to develop our business and make further investments for increased sustainability.

Our efforts are focused within three overall areas:

  • Environmental consideration and resource efficiency
  • Attractive employer
  • Good business partner

Sustainability Reporting

Corem publishes an annual sustainability report which describes what we do and the outcome of our efforts. The sustainability report is included in the annual report.

Code of conduct

Being a good business partner includes taking responsibility for services purchased, ensuring that all of Corem’s operations have a sound and sustainable foundation. Corem’s code of conduct has been developed to be a summary of how the business should be conducted with regard to, for example, environmental considerations, business ethics and work environment. Employees, as well as partners and contractors who work within or meet customers on behalf of Corem, are always expected to follow our code of conduct (only available in Swedish).