Risk management

Corem’s overall goal is to provide a long-term high and stable return on equity and thereby create long-term shareholder value for shareholders. This is done by investing in and managing properties in logistics areas and owning shares in listed Nordic real estate companies. All business operations are associated with a certain degree of risk-taking, risks which may affect operations, financial position and earnings. With good and proactive management, risks can also bring opportunities

Within the company, there are guidelines, processes and routines that aim to minimize risks but still allow a high level of business acumen. Risks related to Corem’s operations, as well as their probability and management, are identified in a structured process at least annually by Group management. The risks are then informed and discussed in Corem’s board. Risks, their estimated probability as well as current monitoring and management are shown below.

Our risks are mainly in the following areas.

Market risks

Economic cycle and macroeconomic factors

Business risks

Change in value of properties
Rental income and occupancy rate
Operating and maintenance costs as well as technical standard
Listed holdings

Financial risks

Financing, refinancing, liquidity
Interest rates

Operational risks

Political decisions; laws and regulations
Business ethics, reputation and brand
IT and information security

An in-depth section on risks and risk management can be found in our latest annual report. You can download it here.