Corem as landlord

We create space to develop your business. That is our vision. That’s why we go to work every day.

Through local presence and in-house management, we guarantee fast service and good market knowledge.

The right properties in the right locations

Our properties are located in places with high growth and in locations close to major traffic routes. This makes them ideal for operations in city and last-mile logistics, small-scale industry and professional retail. Many have flexible uses and several have associated offices.

Administrative areas in large cities and logistics hubs

Most of our properties are geographically located in management areas. This means that we can offer different types of premises within the same area and offer customer-friendly operation and management.

Our portfolio is concentrated in the major cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, as well as Jönköping, Sweden’s leading logistics hub.

We are flexible

Our broad and well-collected property portfolio means that we can offer a variety of local alternatives – everything from 1 sqm to 20,000. We are flexible if you need to increase or decrease your areas or perhaps establish your business in another location. With our building rights, we can also offer tailor-made new productions, and are happy to develop more of you in collaboration.

A long-term and sustainable business partner

Corem’s operations are based on long-term perspective and sustainability. We will own our properties for many years and therefore prioritize development, refinement and maintenance.

We want to be your business partner and as a tenant you can be sure of long-term and rewarding relationships.

Greener houses – better for everyone

We work continuously to reduce energy use and strive to use healthy building materials in our properties. This means that we reduce the burden on our environment and contribute to a better society. This also leads to lower operating costs for us and thus lower rent for you. Read more about our environmental work here.

We work locally, and with the best

We have our own staff on site to handle the daily operation and service of our properties. For you as a tenant, this means that you get to know our managers and property managers and we can thus quickly be responsive to your needs. For larger jobs, we use carefully selected suppliers who we know from long experience are best in their areas.

Welcome to contact us!

Corem Property Group AB (publ)
Box 56085, SE-102 17 Stockholm
Main office, visitors: Riddargatan 13 C

+46 8-503 853 33